Aimee Richards, Ed.D.

Fairmont State University

Ed.D. Educational Psychology, M.A. Communications, B.A. Communications
RCOM300 Human Communications and Rational Decisions, RCOM301 Intercultural Communications, RCOM303 Movies and Meaning: Communication in Film, RCOM304 Gender Communications, RCOM305 Pop Culture, RCOM306 Political Campaign Communication, RCOM401 Media and Society

Eryn Roles, M.S.

Marshall University

Information Technology Literacy
M.S. Library Science, M.A. English, B.A. English
RITL400 Introduction to New Literacies

Amanda Sauchuck, D.B.A.

Concord University

D.B.A, M.B.A, B.S. Business Administration
RBUS300 Self-Leadership and Personal Growth, RRTM302 Hospitality and Tourism

Walter Stroupe, Ed.D.

West Virginia State University

Criminal Justice
Ed.D, Ed.S, M.S. Criminal Justice, B.S. Criminal Justice
RCJU301 Drugs and Crime, RCJU305 Civil Liability Issues in Criminal Justice, RCJU400 Administration of Criminal Justice, RPOL302 Understanding Civil Liberties and Rights

Sabrina Thomas, M.A.

Marshall University

Information Technology Literacy
M.A. History, M.A. Information Resources and Library Sciences, B.S. History
RITL302 Digital Citizenship, RITL303 Ethics and Information in the Digital Age, RITL401 Pedagogy of New Literacies and Applied Critical Thinking

David Trowbridge, Ph.D.

Marshall University

PH.D. American History (United States), M.A. degree History
RHIS300 African American History, RHIS301 American Military History

Anita Walz, Ph.D.

Marshall University

Ph.D. Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences, M.S. degree Bioresources Engineering, Diplom. (M.S. equivalent)
RGEO300 Environmental Geography

George Williams, Ph.D.

Concord University

Ph.D., M.A., and B.A.
RENG301 Bible as Literature, RHUM302 Nature of Religions

Kristi Wood-Turner, Ed.D.

West Virginia University

Ed.D. Educational Leadership, M.A. Sociology, B.A. Sociology and Anthropology
RRBA300 Portfolio Development

Stephen Young, Ph.D.

Marshall University

Criminal Justice & Criminology
Ph.D. Criminology and Criminal Justice, M.S. Criminal Justice, B.A. Criminal Justice and Psychology
RCJU301 Drugs and Crime, RCJU302 Terrorism

Mark Zanter, A.Mus.D.

Marshall University

A. Mus. D. Composition
RMUS300 Electronic Music History & Practice

Matthew Zdilla, D.C.

West Liberty University

D.C., B.S. Natural Science
RSCI300/BSCI200 Science of Nutrition