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WVROCKS is tailored to help students finish their
college degrees
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West Virginia's remote online collaborative
knowledge system
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What is WVROCKS?

Finding classes to take that fit into the schedule of the adult learner can be difficult. In the effort to make college more accessible to all West Virginians, the Higher Education Policy Commission (HEPC), with assistance from WVNET, developed a web portal, the West Virginia Remote Online Collaborative Knowledge System (WVROCKS).


Welcome to the West Virginia Remote Online Collaborative Knowledge System (WVROCKS)!

The mission of WVROCKS is to facilitate access to quality online courses through consistent administration of a Learning Management System in support of post-secondary learners in West Virginia colleges and universities completing degrees in a timely, and often accelerated, manner.

WVROCKS is your conduit to completion. Through a framework of online courses shared among the higher education institution in West Virginia, students who need an online course their home institution does not have can take one through WVROCKS, that is guaranteed to be accepted by the home institution. Courses offered by WVROCKS are developed collaboratively by a subject matter expert and a professional instructional designer using the Quality Matters Higher Education Rubric, 6th edition. Courses are vetted by faculty at West Virginia colleges and universities to ensure they are appropriate in both level and rigor.


Students interested in taking WVROCKS classes must enroll and be admitted to the Regents Bachelors of Art or Board of Governors Degree program at an affilliated institution.

Are you interested in earning a degree?

4-Year Degree

Regents Bachelor Degree

The Regents Bachelor of Arts (R.B.A.) is a non-traditional, interdisciplinary degree option designed to help adult students just like you earn a bachelor’s degree. The R.B.A. degree meets the needs of a working adult, as the program is offered online, is cost-effective and allows the student to tailor the degree to his or her interests.

2-Year Degree

Board of Governors Degree

The Board of Governors Associate in Applied Science (BOG AAS) is a flexible degree program designed for busy adult students. BOG AAS is perfect for working adults or individuals with family commitments because BOG AAS students can create an individualized degree plan.






4-year Degree Program

Regents Bachelor of Arts

Board of Governors

2-year Degree Program