Alexander Keefover, M.Ed.

WVROCKS; Marshall University

Interdisciplinary Media, Technology, & Learning
Ed.D. (in progress) Instructional Design & Technology, M.Ed. Digital Media, New Literacies & Learning, B.S. Major: Mathematics/Minor: Computer Science
RCOM401 Media & Society, REDU300 Trends & Issues in 21st Century Schools, RITL302 Digital Citizenship, RPSY401 Psychology of Social Media, & RPSY403 Critical Thinking & Identifying Misinformation

Linda King, M.S.

Fairmont State University and Pierpont Community & Technical College

M.S. Mathematics, B.A. Education
RMTH300/BMTH200 Practical Mathematics

Janie Leary, Ph.D.

Fairmont State University

Community Health
Ph.D. Public Health Sciences, M.P.H. Public Health/Community Nursing, B.A. Social Work, A.A. Psychology
RHLT400 Communicable and Noncommunicable Diseases, RHLT401 Maternal and Child Health, RHLT402 Understanding Health Literacy

Amanda Martin, M.S.

Bridge Valley Community & Technical College

Early Childhood Education
M.S. Early Childhood Studies, B.S. Preschool Education/Preschool Special Needs
BECE201 Early Childhood Administration, Management, and Leadership

Vishakha Maskey, Ph.D.

West Liberty University

Management and Economics
Postdoctoral Bridge to Business Certificate, Ph.D. Natural Resource Economics, M.S. Ecology and Environment Sciences
RBUS404 Social Entrepreneurship

Kelli Mayes, Ed.S.

Marshall University

Information Technology Literacy
Ed.S. Adult and Technical Education, M.S. Adult and Technical Education
RITL301 Orientation to Technology Applications, RITL402 Production of Instructional Technology Materials

Phil McClung, Ed.D.

WVU Parkersburg (Retired)

Adjunct Instructor of Psychology
RPSY301 Abnormal Psychology, RPSY304 Paranormal Psychology, RSOC200 Death & Dying

Valerie Morphew, Ed.D.

Fairmont State University

Ed.D. Curriculum and Instruction, M.A. Curriculum and Instruction, B.S. Sciences Interdisciplinary, A.S. Computer and Electromechanical Technology
REDU300 Trends & Issues in 21st Century Schools

Jill Nolan, Ph.D.

Concord University

Health Education
Ph.D. Public Health Sciences, M.A. Psychology, B.A. Psychology
RHLT300 Principles of Human Sexuality, RHLT301 Principles of Mental and Emotional Health, RHLT401 Maternal and Child Health

James Owston, Ed.D.

Concord University

Ed.D. Leadership Studies, Ed.S. Leadership Studies, M.A. Humanities, M.A. Communication Studies, A.B. Bible & Religion, B.Th. Bible & Religion, B.S. Broadcasting and Communication, B.S. Information Systems Management
RHUM302 Nature of Religion

Kandas Queen, Ed.D, Ed.S., M.B.A.

Glenville State University

Ed.D. Education, Curriculum and Instruction
RBUS307 Managerial and Supervisory Skills

Sarita A. Rhonemus, Ph.D.

Bluefield State College

Ph.D. Education, Ed.S. Higher Education Administration, M.S. Adult and Technical Education, B.S. Early/Middle Teacher Education
RBUS300 Self-Leadership and Personal Growth