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In an effort to make college more accessible to all West Virginians, the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission (WVHEPC), with a tremendous amount of assistance from WVNET and others, developed the WVROCKS web portal. From the very beginning, WVROCKS success relied on these collaborative partnerships as well as the guidance and input of key leaders from all of the West Virginia higher education institutions who offer the Regents Bachelor of Arts Degree. This is where the teamwork to create a sustainable online program for adult learners begins.

WVROCKS was given a pledge of full support from WVNET by Director, Judge Dan O’Hanlon, who worked closely with the Statewide Director of e-Learning, Dr. Roxann Humbert to identify areas of need to expedite the process of building a sustainable portal. In April of 2012, Dr. Mary Stewart joined the team and the first session was launched in the Fall of 2012. The story that has yet to be told is about those who work behind the scenes at WVNET to make the program a success.

The convenience and flexibility of WVROCKS does contribute to impressive retention rates of a 93% attendance rate, a 92% completion rate, and an 84% pass rate, but those retention numbers would not be possible without the assistance of a team, or as some would say a village. In addition to the efforts of Dr.’s Humbert and Stewart, the RBA Coordinators at the participating schools, and the over 100 faculty members from institutions of higher education in the state who support the program’s mission and goals.